Strategic Counsel

When your needs involve clarity, growth, financial modeling or decision making, call on us for sage and practical guidance.

We offer you a seasoned team of executives who are keenly skilled at making the complex simple, and who are versed in helping associations respond to dynamic changing forces. We’ll consider your organization from all angles and deliver our actionable recommendations for advancement.

Economic Modeling

What do you do when the majority of your income is derived from live training sessions and mandatory training conferences, and yet Members are demanding online options using the latest technologies?

Member Value-Add

Are Members challenging the value of benefits received for the fees paid?  Do you know what programs and enhancements they want?  Understanding and delivering Member value-add is how you fuel growth.

Membership Modeling

You’ve historically had a flat membership model, but now a tiered structure would be beneficial to both you and your Members.  How do you define, implement and communicate a new model when your entire system is setup for the old way of doing things?

Competitive Analysis

You’re losing Members to an industry alternative and don’t know why.  Or, you know why, but don’t know what to do about it.  Perhaps the competitor is a form of substitution given macro changes in your industry – now what?

Chapter Assimilation

You’ve used chapters/affiliates to facilitate growth but, due to a lack of proper management and central support, it’s become the wild, wild west.  How do you reign in the troops to achieve control, while also bolstering your value proposition to these important hubs?

Let’s find the answers together.