Affiliate Development

Affiliates and Chapters are powerful liaisons to achieving your Mission – if properly structured and nurtured.

Serving as extensions of your association, these parties are on the front lines of delivering your message and offering on a local level. It’s crucial that these relationships embody symmetry and support.

Strategic Counsel

As part of our strategic planning, we’ll evaluate the current status of your affiliate/chapter program – or the potential for enacting one. We’ll probe for depth on the reasons to launch or improve a program and press for clarity on objectives. With a firm and sound strategic plan in place, we’ll then detail a plan of executables to make it a reality.

Chapter Management & Communication

Just like your Members themselves, your chapters need ongoing management and attention to thrive. We’ll make sure that the vigor experienced in the early stages is maintained and enhanced for perpetuity, while constantly coming back to the program’s core goals and objectives as a mutual sounding board.

Robust Technology

Through the power of smart technology, you can provide your hubs with the ongoing support, guidance and tools that will empower them to flourish. Our full list of technology solutions for associations are equally scaleable to your affiliates, providing one, consistent and integrated solution.

Marketing Solutions

Chapters will look to you for dynamic and high impact marketing tools and campaigns that help them propagate the association’s message at the local level. We are your single point of contact, from creative to distribution, encompassing both off- and online tactics and delivery systems. View our Branding & Marketing services for more information.

Strong chapters can take you to a new level.