Member Services

Members are the heart of your association and the means through which you achieve your ultimate purpose. We never lose sight of that.

Engaging and growing your membership is a must-have core competency that requires attention to all elements of the Member experience, big and small. Ultimately, all of our Services support that aim.

Membership Growth Strategies

We will combine elements of our Strategic Counsel and Marketing expertise to deliver a detailed plan of how to grow your Association’s member count. Whether you need a complete turnaround strategy, rebranding and awareness initiatives, or strategic value-add platform enhancements, we can plan it and execute it.

Member Communications

Consistent and relevant Member communication is essential to building lasting relationships with your Members and reinforcing they are part of a larger community. We can plan, create and deliver Member communications that educate, update and motivate.

New Member Orientation

How a new Member is greeted by your organization sets the tone for their ongoing experience with you, and sets their future expectations. We’ll deliver orientations that truly welcome and integrate new Members, and ensure they’re experiencing the benefits of membership swiftly.

New Board/Committee Member Orientation

Groups work together synergistically and effectively when guidelines for communication, role expectations and commitment levels are clearly defined. Whether it’s a manual, a webinar or a video (or all of the above!) we can establish and convey the fundamental principles that result in harmonious and fruitful interactions with these key parties.

For more information, also see our Strategic Counsel and Marketing services.

Who will you trust to care for your Members?